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Free and Outrageously Priced Roulette Systems from Many Gambling Authors, Developers

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Roulette Mathematics

The PDF list, repository of free, expensive roulette systems, strategies from many gambling authors.

An Act of Napster-Like Piracy Makes the Super Roulette Strategy Systems Free!

That was a shock of the new millennium! It was a shock for me, too. A great collection of my roulette systems was made available for free! Not that I was selling any gambling systems at that time! The shock was even more intense when I saw insanely priced systems that did no better than random play at the roulette table!!! Five thousand US dollars... up to forty thousand US dollars per one gambling system! Incredible!

Some of such outrageous roulette systems had a starting point in my own Fundamental Formula of Gambling (known as FFG). All those insanely expensive roulette and gambling systems appeared years after I released and analyzed in detail FFG. They even coined a fake term: Law of the third to mask the true source (FFG). In truth, the law of the third is sometimes used in mathematics as loose reference to the divine proportion. It is inaccurately assessed that the divine ratio divides a segment in two parts: Two thirds and one third of the entire entity. Actually, the two numbers that are known as the divine proportion are: 0.618 and 1.618. Not too close to thirds! Read about the true mathematics of appearance and non-appearance: Probability Theory, Ion Saliu's Paradox. The division tends to .63 and .37 for millions and trillions of trials...up to infinity and thereafter...

Roulette systems, strategies from many gambling authors, developers, including casino scams, fraud.

On the other hand, the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) is totally FREE! Any gambler can understand it and derive gambling systems from it. It is all about three fundamental elements:

~ individual probability, p
~ number of trials, N
~ degree of certainty, DC that the event of probability p will appear within a number of trials, N.

It should be obvious to anybody that the degree of certainty is directly proportionate to the number of trials — while the probability is always constant. Yes, it seems that one must wait forever for a roulette number to come up. It takes, sometimes, over 200 spins for a roulette number to finally show up! But FFG is a lot more than that. For starters, a roulette number tends to repeat after a number of spins less than the FFG median (25 or 26 spins).

Please bear with me on this one. It is a form of healthy suspicion backed by more than a decade of experience. The casinos pay troubled individuals to intimidate intelligent system authors in order to eliminate serious financial losses caused by intelligent system players. Moreover, the casinos pay their own agents to develop so-called "gambling systems". You players want gambling systems? Well, we'll give you gambling systems! You, players, sez that the more expensive the better? We'll give you very expensive gambling systems as well!

Look also at one aspect of those outrageously expensive roulette systems. They intentionally make the so-called favorable conditions come to life very rarely. Such winning conditions might not take place even playing the roulette for days uninterrupted! But the whole point is that you must be a gambling high roller if you paid thousands of dollars for a gambling system! Therefore you must possess huge amounts of money. If you are seated at the roulette table, you must play every spin — or else you risk losing your seat! See my point? The highroller will p(l)ay, with big bets, each and every roulette spin — while waiting for the roulette system conditions come to life!

The casinos even sponsor forums and websites! The main goal of the casinos is to discredit any idea of a winning gambling system based on mathematics. An even stronger measure taken by them casinos is to intimidate the authors of such mathematical gambling systems. I, Ion Saliu, a.k.a. Parpaluck, s.k.a. JAQK Fowuru, became the main target in a few years. Probably I remain the only target these days...

Most of such forums and sites dedicated to “winning roulette and gambling systems” go extinct by the the year! The deceptively sponsored websites have lost their effectiveness almost completely. They did have some success earlier, in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Many web surfers with an interest in roulette and casino gambling took seriously the warnings by the casinos and bought also the deceptively created roulette systems! Not anymore! Most Internet visitors figured out the “casino conspiracy”! Yup...that's the most accurate conspiracy!

The kasinos have targeted me for more than a decade now (in 2008). Things did not work out as expected by the casinos. Right now, they resort to brute force. You are a Saliu-system gambler? They ban you, especially if you use a notebook and write down roulette spins, or blackjack hands, etc. In Atlantic City, the law prohibits denial of service to a patron (customer) regardless of reason. The casinos employ a tricky practice to a guy like me. “Wanna play roulette, Mr. Ion? There is no place for you!” Big guys (like former football linemen) make an impenetrable cordon around the roulette table. “Wanna play blackjack, Mr. Parpaluck?” The dealer and the pitboss start lengthy discussions, while totally neglecting the game at the table. The other players are ignored. The other blackjack players realize who the culprit is. They turn their hostility towards yours truly! It is a very effective practice by the casinos: It is absolutely free money-wise and risk-free legally!

As soon as I publish an article as this one, they react in a hurry! For a week now, I have noticed an undeniable form of hack-attack. Pages of interest at my site show errors in the range of 100-300 each — daily. The pages are there, so the html 404 error is out of discussion.

Most pages at my site do not trigger one single error in a month. But look at the target pages. They deal with casinos, online casinos, roulette and gambling systems. I offer strong but founded opinions against online gambling, the deception and hostility of online and also physical casinos, deceptive and fraudulent roulette systems, gambling systems, the hostility of the so-called system developers/authors/vendors, etc. The new attacks seem very well coordinated. They are launched from a number of networks with well-hidden tracks ("You can run, but you can't hide!") The attacks are conducted automatically by running scripts to access by web pages continuously. They badly want my site out, or, at least, down!

Casino Roulette Systems, Strategies, Authors, Developers, Scams, Fraud.

Theory of Probability Book founded on valuable mathematical discoveries applied to gambling, roulette. Read Ion Saliu's first book in print: Probability Theory, Live!
~ Founded on valuable mathematical discoveries with a wide range of scientific applications, including probability theory applied to roulette gambling, software, real winning systems, Roulette Super Strategy.

Better sell very expensive roulette casino gambling systems to oil tycoons, NOT oil!!

Here is a long list of roulette systems saved for future reference. I can't believe how much fraud there is in the gambling world! I am suspicious and say it again: Only the casinos would be so fiercely aggressive and sell roulette and gambling systems priced from US $5000 (five thousand) to US $40000 (forty thousand)! No individual gambling system developer would be thus fearless and dare to sell such outrageously priced systems! It could be deadly for him! At the end of the list, you can read a thorough analysis of one of the better roulette systems (has some relation to the famed Fundamental Formula of Gambling).

10,000 WeekRoulette.pdf
FULLTRIO.pdf How to Win at Roulette Guaranteed
(directly pirating one of my roulette systems based on wheel halves or hemispheres)



You just viewed a list, inventory, repository of free and outrageously priced roulette systems.

Let's look at one of... the better systems in that collection. It has some mathematical basis. The system is related to my Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) and the mathematics of skips. The skip is simply the number of roulette spins that a number did not show up. Individual roulette numbers can skip (miss), at times, over 200 spins, even 300 spins! But groups of roulette numbers have lower skips that come closer to the theoretical skips (or misses). In other words, if you choose a group of 6 roulette numbers, the degree of certainty is very low that all 6 numbers will have very long skips (or large gaps between hits).

Here is the basis of that roulette system included in that "famous" list of roulette systems.

On the scorecard provided you are going to begin the process of keep score. You will always be betting on the same six numbers so really, it becomes the amount you bet, and when you leave the spins sequence that you need to be concerned about.

For the most part you will only be making a 1 unit bet on each the six numbers. We prefer that you play the Euro wheel, but if you don't have one the American wheel will suffice. It does use a slightly different set of numbers.

The numbers for 0 Roulette are: 7, 11, 19, 20, 25, 28
The numbers for 00 Roulette are: 7, 11, 15, 19, 25, 30

I will tell you that we have had many students that commented that they ran our method with their favorite 6 number combinations and it worked as well.

We would prefer however, that you use the numbers specified, as they consistently have shown a strong ability to repeat.

Those two sets of roulette numbers are arbitrary, although the system authors make-believe those are … magic numbers!

I did a thorough test of roulette number frequency by running my gambling probability software FrequencyRank. I analyzed 7990 real roulette spins provided by Hamburg Spielbank (Hamburg Casino, Germany). 7990 is equivalent to 216 times total possible outcomes at the single-zero roulette table. A short reference here to Ion Saliu's Paradox of N Trials. If an event has a probability calculated as 1 / N, then we can establish what is known as the law of large numbers. If we perform a number of trials equal to N times 50, the degree of certainty is extremely high that the event will occur. My analysis went way beyond that: It was N times 216 (N * 216) … Kokodrilo (i.e. big-time gambler), my analysis went way, way beyond reasonable doubt!

                The Roulette Numbers Ranked by Frequency 
                File: HAMB0106.WH1 (Hamburg, Table 1, entire month of January 2006)
                Drawings Analyzed:  7990 
                Frequency norm based on probability:   2.70%

                Rank   Number    Hits   Percentage
                  1      11      258       3.23%
                  2      24      239       2.99%
                  3       5      238       2.98%
                  4      27      232       2.90%
                  5      14      231       2.89%
                  6      28      231       2.89%
                  7      29      228       2.85%
                  8       4      226       2.83%
                  9      19      223       2.79%
                 10      33      222       2.78%
                 11      32      221       2.77%
                 12      13      221       2.77%
                 13      35      220       2.75%
                 14      17      219       2.74%
                 15      25      219       2.74%
                 16       1      219       2.74%
                 17      23      219       2.74%
                 18      30      218       2.73%
                 19      21      218       2.73%
                 20      22      216       2.70%
                 21       0      215       2.69%
                 22      15      214       2.68%
                 23       7      213       2.67%
                 24       6      212       2.65%
                 25      10      211       2.64%
                 26       8      210       2.63%
                 27      12      207       2.59%
                 28       2      205       2.57%
                 29      34      204       2.55%
                 30      18      204       2.55%
                 31      26      203       2.54%
                 32       9      199       2.49%
                 33      20      199       2.49%
                 34      31      197       2.47%
                 35      36      194       2.43%
                 36      16      193       2.42%
                 37       3      192       2.40%

For a 0 roulette wheel, the "magic" numbers are:
7 11 19 20 25 28

7 = rank 23
11 = rank 1 (bravo!)
19 = rank 9
20 = rank 33
25 = rank 15
28 = rank 6

In that real-life case of Hamburg Spielbank, the 6 “magic numbers” would have made a small profit of 408 betting units.

Total hits: 1343
Winnings: 1343 * 36 = 48,348 bet units
Total cost: 6 * 7990 = 47,940 units.

Repeat, playing groups of 6 roulette numbers makes better sense than playing one roulette number at a time. But why pay US $5000 for a system that gives the false impression of magic numbers?! Any 6 roulette numbers will do! In truth (mathematically speaking), it is even better if you will choose any 6 numbers that do not show on the roulette marquee. Better still, apply Ion Saliu's Birthday Paradox to roulette marquee strategy, systems. Find a table with a marquee that shows the last 6 numbers being unique (no-repeats). Play those numbers for a while.

No roulette number has a magic property. It is the number of trials (spins) in correlation with the degree of certainty that make some roulette numbers better to play in the short run.

Undoubtedly, there is also bias, as the roulette wheels wear out after a long period in service. In this particular case, the wheel at roulette table #1 in Hamburg Casino was badly biased. For example, the roulette #11 beat the norm by about 20%! I published a few reports, and the casino closed the table soon thereafter!

By contrast, even a 20% bias in lottery will still lead to a loss due to the monstrous house edge the lottery enjoys (at least 50%). Read a thorough analysis: Lottery Numbers: Loss, Cost, Drawings, House Advantage.

This is the place for the best on roulette and gambling founded on mathematics, probability theory.

Okay, okay. We all are curious, kokodrilo (title of gambling nobility for big-time gambler), aren't we? You still want to read those "roulette systems"? (I know, because I have received plenty of requests!) I warned you, most of them "roulette systems" represent big-time garbage. Some prices are so outrageously high that you might think they are acts of insanity! Furthermore, I let you see my analysis of one of the better systems, a roulette system with some mathematical foundation (FFG). But, in the end, you were asked to pay 5000 US dollars to simply play 6 arbitrarily chosen roulette numbers. Yes, my roulette systems are on that list too. But you don't have to pay anything to read and study them. They are all over the Internet.

We mathematically analyzed one expensive roulette system based on playing 6 arbitrary numbers.

Resources in Roulette: Theory, Mathematics, Super Strategy, Systems

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This is the list of very expensive roulette systems only the casinos would have the courage to sell.